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Skill Development & Electives
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Career Exploration New!!

Learning LanguageThrough Experience

AUA Language Center presents:
Career Exploration for English Language Learners

Strategies for thoughful career planning

This course will guide participants through a process to help identify interests, strengths, skills, and values, and how to connect those areas to career decisions. Participants will develop strategies for career planning and become proficient at researching the different aspects of specific occupations. In addition to making thoughtful, informed choices, we will look into the practicalities of finding jobs by working on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills. By the end of the course, each participant will have a Career Portfolio and an Action Plan to start confidently on their way to fulfilling their lifetime and career goals.

Who should take this course?
- anyone who has no experience in finding a job
- anyone contemplating a career change

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 6-8 p.m., From Jan 13 - Feb 19, 2015
at AUA, 21st floor, Chamchuri Square.
Cost: 4,800 Baht. For further info: Tel 02 657 6411-7 #1234 (Nidnoi) from 10-5, Mon-Fri
or ask at Academic office

AUA Between the Lines New!!

Level 13+

AUA between the lines is going to start to read ‘Midwinterblood’, starting in late December.

"...a story that’s simultaneously romantic, tragic, horrifying, and transcendental is more than enough to hold readers’ attention, no matter their age." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

For more information,
ask in the Chamchuri academic office, SLC, or
email: paul.humphries@auathailand.org
02 657 6411 - 7 #1272

Why not read along with us and join the online discussion?

General Writing Program (E)*

Five levels focus on academic writing – the type of writing used in university courses.  After registering, you will take a short writing test (free of charge) and be placed at the best level for you.
Writing 1 and 2:  Writing good paragraphs
 • topic sentences
 • supporting sentences
 • punctuation
 • basic grammatical functions 

Writing 3:  Expanding to essays
 • paragraph organization and clarity
 • vocabulary and grammar
 • linking paragraphs with transitional devices

Writing 4:  Developing longer essays
 • thesis statements
 • detailed outlines
 • introductions and conclusions
Writing 5: Expanding essays, mastering editing
 • timed assignments
 • developing full independence as a writer

Graduates of Level 5 receive AUA’s Certificate of Writing Achievement.

Feedback focuses on writing multiple drafts, reviewing your work and your peers’ work, and developing self-editing skills for the content, organization and clarity of your message.
content, organization and clarity of your message.
Open to Level 7 and higher, free writing test required

Interactive Listening 1 & 2 (E)*

“True-to-life” activities in every class focus on clear listening skills and strategies:
 • find the main idea
 • listen for specific details
 • understand the speaker’s attitude 
Listen to speakers with international accents:
 • news reports
 • telephone conversations
 • public announcements
 • interviews, and more 
Useful vocabulary is also introduced through listening
and speaking activities.   

Open to Level 9 and higher


Master the “music” of English:
 • word and syllable stress
 • rhythm
 • intonation
Focus on small sounds and the differences between English and Asian languages:
 • past tense endings
 • plural endings
 • “L”, “R” and other letters
Begin with short sentences until you can say them easily.  Continue to longer role-plays.  Learn how to put more meaning and clarity into your expressions.  Pronunciation is open to learners in Level 9 and higher.

Post-Certificate Courses 1-4

These courses cover all four skill areas and are designed for those students who have successfully completed the AUA Certificate Course and would like to further develop their all around English beyond the certificate level.

Must have completed the AUA certificate course


Advanced Conversation A-D New!!

Learn informal language used by native speakers in
conversational English. Listening activities are real
conversations that offer clear examples of how vocabulary
and tonal expression can be used. Lots of speaking time
allows you to experiment and choose expressions that
work best for you. Topics include are technology, news,
brain power, giving instructions and telling a story. You can
begin in any part.

Open to Level 13 and higher.

*(E) Certificate program students can choose to study elective courses (E) in place of Levels 10, 11, 14, or 15. Elective courses are open to any student at Level 9 and higher.

All Special Courses are offered at AUA’s Cham Churi Square campus

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