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English for Executives and Professionals
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Business Meetings & Presentations

Become a more effective leader in business meetings, and make professional and engaging presentations in this high-level course.

Open to learners in Level 11 or higher.

 • create and follow formal agendas
 • chair meetings with authority
 • manage challenging personalities
 • use formal and informal vocabulary
 • explore multi-cultural situations

 • design effective, powerful presentations
 • videotape your presentations and get feedback
 • improve your voice projection and pronunciation
 • explore vocabulary for supporting visual aids
 • perfect your body language and presentation style

English for Hospitality, Tourism and Travel

For people who work in hotel, tourism, travel or other service industries where “polite” English is required to communicate with foreigners.

Role plays and other activities simulate realistic work situations:

Activities focus on how to:

  • giving suggestions and advice
  • handling requests and complaints
  • explaining food and culture
  • using the phone
  • dealing with money
Open to learners in Level 9 and higher

Writing for Business

Engage in realistic business role-plays in conversations and correspondence:
 • emails
 • memos
 • formal letters
Situations are like those in the real business world:
 • negotiate deals
 • use diplomatic language
 • seek new business opportunities
 • maintain quality control
 • manage deliveries
Open to learners in Level 11 or higher.

General Business Conversation

(Open to level 9 and higher) Bringing the world of business into the classroom, this course uses practical, functional language in a work-related context. Real-world case studies offer authentic and engaging insights into key business issues. Students are encouraged to discuss and debate a variety of issues and problems in a business context using the kind of language used in English speaking offices across the world. For students who are working in or planning to work in business in the future.

Open to learners in Level 9 and higher

All Special Courses are offered at AUA’s Cham Churi Square campus

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