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AUA/MOE Annual Seminar
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The Annual AUA/MoE Seminar for Thai Teachers of English

Each year, the AUA Language Center holds a two-week seminar for Thai teachers of English who work under the Ministry of Education. The Ministry selects up to 170 teachers from every province in the Kingdom to participate.

The overall aims of the seminar are two-fold: first, to provide a forum for the sharing of current English language teaching principles and practice; and second, to provide opportunities for the participants to upgrade their knowledge and use of the English language.

AUA annual seminars bring together teachers, teacher educators, and notable experts within the TESOL field for two weeks of carefully coordinated plenary presentations, focus sessions, demonstration lessons, and workshops - intended to help Ministry teachers develop a practical framework for teaching English in their provinces and districts.

The topics of the seminars of the past 8 years have includes:

  • Yes We Can! Modern Communicative Language Teaching & the Achievement of CEFR Objectives (2014)
  • Initiating ASEAN Integration: Empowering English Teachers (2013)
  • Teaching in the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking (2012)
  • Project-based Language Teaching & Learning (2011)
  • Creativity in the Classroom (2010)
  • Teaching by Design (2009)
  • English: The Missing Pieces (2008)
  • Think Twice: Spotlight on the Media (2007)
  • Teaching for Tomorrow: Preparing for Change (2006)
  • Network Training for Today's Classrooms 2 (2005)
  • Network Training for Today's Classrooms (2004)
  • Imagination & Learning (2003)
  • Implementing Language Standards (2002)
  • Critical Thinking (2001)
  • Reading: More than Meets the eye (2000).

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