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  Reading and Writing
Reading and writing are closely linked in AEP classes, just as they are in a university setting. You will read research articles from academic textbooks, as well as interesting material from newspapers and magazines. Explore the structure of these articles, analyze their arguments, and share your opinions with fellow classmates and your teacher. Check your understanding of the articles with reading comprehension and vocabulary activities.
  The writing process begins when you brainstorm topics and plan your writing, including how to form strong thesis statements and supporting paragraphs. Also analyze the mechanics of writing, such as grammar and punctuation. Step-by-step models help you master a variety of academic essay styles, such as descriptive, analytical, comparative, and persuasive essays. You will develop self-editing skills to become a fully independent writer.  
Listening and Speaking
AEP classes blend listening and speaking skills to prepare you for academic and social life in western universities. Each unit includes several types of listening activities, including video and audio lectures written by university professors. Authentic radio programs and social conversations between students explore the unit topic in more detail. Structured outlines assist you in building strong note-taking skills, and activities teach you how to refer to these notes to answer questions and review for a test.
Listening activities are also supported by frequent classroom discussions, as well as prediction, comprehension and vocabulary activities. Structured speaking activities help you to check your understanding and develop skills you will need for the classroom and around campus. At the conclusion of each unit, you will prepare and make short presentations on the unit topic.
A number of electives are offered through AUA’s Special Courses program:
  Speaking & Listening
Advanced Conversation
Interactive Listening
Writing & Grammar
General Writing
Writing for Business
Meetings & Presentations
Writing for Business
General Business Conversation
English for Hospitality, Tourism and Travel
Exam Preparation
IELTS Success
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