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English Language Teaching Certificate Program (ELTC)
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AUA offers the English Language Teaching Certificate (ELTC, especially for non-native English teachers who do not meet the language proficiency requirements of the AUA SIT program (TOEFL score= 550). To earn the ELTC candidates must complete a 150-hour program, comprised of five 30-hour courses.

The aims of the AUA English Language Teaching Certificate (ELTC)
  • to develop the professionalism of Thai teachers of English by providing them with a solid practical and theoretical foundation for language teaching
  • to help Thai teachers of English improve their English language skills and build their confidence in using English when they teach

         Specifically, the ELTC program is designed to enable candidates to:

  • develop an awareness of language and a knowledge of the current descriptions of English and apply these in their professional practice.
  • improve their understanding of English language learning in Thai educational contexts.
  • gain familiarity with the principles and practices of effective teaching for Thai students at all levels.
  • develop familiarity with appropriate resources and materials for teaching, testing, and reference.
  • create their own effective language teaching materials.
  • identify opportunities for their own future development as professionals in the field of English language teaching.

    Requirements for Acceptance & Certification

    To be accepted for study in AUA’s ELTC course, teachers must have a 4-year degree from an accredited Thai university. For full certification, there are two main requirements:

        1) methodology (150 hours of course work, practice teaching and observation) and

        2) an English language proficiency level equal to or above Level 9 on the AUA Regular Program Placement Test*.

    *Teachers who do not meet the AUA Level 9 language proficiency requirement will receive a provisional certificate, upgradeable to full status, upon passing this requirement.

    Attendance & Assignments

    AUA only awards English Language Teaching Certificates to participants who have regularly attended classes (minimum 80% attendance), completed their assignments, participated in teaching practice and observations, and submitted all projects.

    Course Structure

    The ELTC course has four components:

    1. Methodology: to develop candidates’ awareness of phonology, grammar, vocabulary, discourse, learning theories and the application of current ELT methodology in the classroom (150 hours).

    2. Language development:to improve candidates’ ability to use English for classroom purposes. Candidates must score at Level 9 or above on the AUA Placement Test upon completion of the methodology requirements - or study English language improvement courses until they score at that level.

    3. Practice teaching: to develop practical teaching ability including ability in classroom management and lesson planning and in developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the classroom.

    4. Classroom observations: to help teachers reflect on classes taught by experienced teachers.

    Course Content (Methodology)The methodology course comprises 150 hours of seminar input, workshops, and project work to ensure maximum coverage of the syllabus and opportunity to use techniques learned in training sessions.

    The syllabus covers the following seven 30-hour courses:

  • Activities & Materials for Language Teaching
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Teaching Reading & Writing
  • Teaching Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Classroom English (for primary teachers)
  • Teaching Listening & Pronunciation
  • Media & Language

    The above courses are usually offered in 2 time-slots on Saturdays at AUA's main campus on Phyathai Road in Bangkok. Off-campus customized courses are also available upon request - and are flexible in terms of location, schedule, and level. Teacher Training programs for primary, secondary, international schools, university, technical, and vocational institutions are also offered. More detailed course descriptions and outlines for the ELTC program follow.

       Tuition fee : 4,000 baht

    Teacher's qualifications :

    1. Bachelor's degree
          2. Average Proficiency in English

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