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English Language Teaching Certificate
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AUA offers the English Language Teaching Certificate (ELTC, especially for non-native English teachers). To earn the ELTC, candidates joining the program after January 1, 2013 must complete a 120-hour program, comprised of eight 15-hour mini-courses. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE IN PDF

The aims of the AUA English Language Teaching Certificate (ELTC)
  • to develop the professionalism of Thai teachers of English by providing them with a solid practical and theoretical foundation for language teaching
  • to help Thai teachers of English improve their English language skills and build their confidence in using English when they teach
  • to provide newcomers to the English language teaching profession with training and credentials to help them become teachers or tutors

    Specifically, the ELTC program is designed to enable candidates to:

  • develop an increased awareness of language
  • improve their understanding of English language learning in Thai educational contexts
  • gain familiarity with the principles and techniques of effective English language teaching
  • develop familiarity with appropriate resources and materials for teaching
  • create their own effective language teaching materials

  • Attendance & Assignments

    AUA only awards English Language Teaching Certificates to participants who have regularly attended classes (minimum 80% attendance), completed their assignments and participated in peer teaching practice and observations.

    Course Structure      The ELTC course has four components:

        1. Methodology: to develop candidates’ awareness of English conversational patterns, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and help them develop the techniques and skills for classroom or tutorial instruction (120 hours)

        2. Language development: to improve candidates’ ability to use English for classroom purposes. Candidates must score at Level 7 or above on the AUA Placement Test upon completion of the methodology requirements - or study English language improvement courses until they score at that level

        3. Peer teaching: to develop practical teaching ability, including ability in classroom management and lesson planning and in developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the classroom

        4. Peer observations: to help teachers recognize effective instruction

    The syllabus covers the following 15-hour mini-courses:

  • Activities & Materials for Language Teaching
  • Teaching Speaking I: Basic Conversation
  • Teaching Speaking II: Accuracy & Fluency
  • Talking Texts: Teaching Interactive Reading
  • The Art of Teaching Writing
  • Dynamic Vocabulary Teaching
  • Modern Grammar Teaching
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Media & Technology for Language Teaching

  • ELTC Sunday Terms at Chamchuri Square 2015

    Terms Programs 2015
    Term 1 January 18 – February 22 Teaching Speaking 1: Basic Conversation
    Term 2 March 1 – April 5 Teaching Speaking 2: Accuracy & Fluency
    Term 3 May 3 – June 7 Modern Grammar Teaching
    Term 4 June 21 – July 26 Activities & Materials for Language Teaching
    Term 5 August 9 – September 13 Teaching Young Learners
    Term 6 September 27 – November 1 Media & Technology for Language Teaching
    Term 7 November 15 – December 20 Talking Texts: Teaching Interactive Reading

    The above courses are usually offered on Sunday afternoons from 14:00 – 16:30 at AUA's main campus in the Office Tower of Chamchuri Square on Payathai Road in Bangkok.

    Tuition fee: 2,400 baht (15 hours) Sundays ONLY

    Contact person:
    Mitraporn Yoosathaporn
    AUA Language Center
    Academic Office
    21st Floor Chamchuri Square, Payathai Road, BANGKOK 10330

    Email:    mitraporn.y@auathailand.org
    Tel:        02 657 6411-7 ext. 1262
    Fax:       02 160 5263
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